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re turned his face intently, and circled the narrow and dark room with only two people left, and the ragged Grindelwald, with his lips shaking slightly.

“Enough. No matter what you want to say, It’s not this!”

As if knowing what Dumbledore was about to say, Grindelwald waved his hand roughly, adjusted his posture, “What is worthy of your sorry, apology, I have heard 西安夜生活网 all these years Enough. This is my own choice, and you should know it best. Now, just talk about that kid.”

That one happened in 1945, and it was said to be the greatest wizarding duel in history. It was just an opportunity. Long before the duel, because of what he saw and heard, his views had begun to happen. Change.

Dumbledore knew in his heart that there was only one curse that really defeated Grindelwald 西安夜生活论坛 and imprisoned him on the tower of the city of Newmontgard. If the logo is inscribed at the entrance of the castle, it is for greater benefit.

“Irene Na? Selling Lanna, that child? I saw your shadow from her, and of course my shadow, and some things that are different from us.”

Dumbledore, thinking back to the previous time with the mind to see When he arrived, he looked at Grindelwald with a solemn 西安桑拿网 expression, with a particularly determined tone, “If I was only a little skeptical, I am at least 90% sure. As long as this child does not die halfway, then she is the future of the magic world no matter what. Is it good or bad.”

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“The future? Last month, you could 西安夜网论坛 treat her not so high esteem, do it and what happened. I guess, she Dumbledore family mansion, also secretly sold it take? like Hogwarts sell the same. ”

read With a serious look at Dumbledore, Gellert Grindelwald stretched out his hand to cover the thin blanket on the bed on his knees, and his tone was full of gloat.

“That’s not true. Also, Hogwarts was not sold. It’s just being mortgaged. You can redeem 西安耍耍网 it after the expiration.