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buildings, the violin sound is melodious. Through the huge floor-to-ceiling windows that are polished sharply, you can see a large group of beautifully dressed men and women singing and dancing in the two annex buildings.

Directly in front of the main building, in the middle of the small square, there is a bronze group sculpture fountain that takes up almost half of the square. The twelve-headed bronze sea fish spraying a white flowered water column hits the middle of the fountain. More than six feet, plated on the pink glass mermaid statue on the bronze base.

The main building’s black oak studded copper door was closed tightly, and dozens of gas lamps were hung on the outer walls on both sides of the gate. The bluish-white lights flickered, illuminating most of the square.

There are two standing at the door, about seven feet high, with skin as dark as ebony, wearing a stiff black tuxedo, lined with a white shirt, black bow tie, and white silk gloves. The great guy.

Qiao swayed over, and across a long distance, the two big men at the 西安耍耍网 door had their darkest smiles on their dark faces. They grinned, and two rows of big white teeth gleamed in the light of the gas lamp.

They rushed down the steps eagerly, and greeted Joe up with a small quick step.

“Dear Master Qiao, long time no see, you are thin.” The two big men greeted Qiao enthusiastically, and at the same time bowed to him with a deep, standard and meticulous ninety degrees.

The two big men came from the Black Continent and were slave guards raised by pink mermaids.

But their standard of the official language of the Durham Empire is even much more standard than Joe, who has a local accent in Tulum.

“Slim?” Joe touched his plump cheeks, and then touched his double chin, frowning a little distressedly: “It should be thin. For the past one and a half months, I have been eating 西安夜生活论坛 and sleeping and running around. It is indeed very Hard work. But what can be done? As the youngest police sergeant in the history of Tulum Port, in order to ma