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is notes and recorded the incident.

“Let’s go, let’s go back!” When the

two returned to the McDoug’s villa, I did not see Katrina.

At this moment, Katrina is staying in her room, so as not to feel frustrated when seeing the 西安夜网论坛 two of them.

Chapter 527 Perception In the

end, Albert failed to stay at Isabel’s house overnight as he wished From the beginning, he did not expect that he could stay overnight.

Now, it is not yet time.

Isabel’s mother, Mrs. McDoug, is very similar to Albert’s mother, Daisy, and they are both working women. .

If the only difference would say, is probably McDowell Gefu people are not good at home, the day of the Dayton seafood dinner, 西安桑拿网 complete with by Mike Doug sisters.

they are at the table and chat, talked about some of the old habits.

it During a normal meal, it can be seen that Mrs. McDoug is very satisfied with Albert, especially when Albert said that his parents are also very satisfied with Isabel.

As for Albert’s Muggle wizard status, Mrs. McDoug didn’t pay much attention to it.The dinner was spent in such a calm and small chat, and both sides left a good impression on each other.

Finally, Mrs. McDoug connected the fireplaces on both sides through contacts, allowing Albert to use the Floo network to return home before ten o’clock.

This dinner was not the same as Albert expected, but everything went smoothly .

“sorcerer’s magic is really incredible.”

looked out from the fireplace to the shadows, Herb 西安夜生活网 Albert hand hold almost fell down.

“how like over there.” Daisy inquired.

“all the best.” Ai Bert patted the dust on his body, reached out and picked up Tom, who had come in curiously, and sat down on the sofa.

“Why are you all saying something inexplicable.” Niya looked at the three people in front of her back and forth, and she felt that something was happening to them. Conceal yourself.

“She is willing to help research beauty medicine.” Albert changed the subject: “Maybe, there will be a successful day.”

“Isn’t it said that the wiz