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suddenly took out a miniature detector. , Sweeping across House’s body.

“What are you going to do!” House was quite dissatisfied with this guy’s uncivilized actions.

“Sir, relax.” The other person said indifferently at this time: “He is just to see if there is something like an annunciator in your body. You should have escaped without thinking about it, so you were immediately caught back. ? it, ”

House suddenly surprised, quickly said:” you continue, ”

suddenly, the detector rang in the heart of the House, the House quickly said:”! I installed pacemaker ”

that people do not check Talking and continuing to sweep down, the detector rang again at the sole of House’s feet, “Is there a pacemaker here 西安耍耍网 too?”

House shuddered. Before he could say anything, his leg was lifted. He got up, and then someone took a knife, cut a hole directly under his feet, and used tweezers to pinch out a finger-sized object!

“It must be! This damn traitor!!” House ignored the soles of his feet. The wound on his face suddenly became savage. At the same time, he was so careful with the people sent by Vali, and he felt extremely satisfied at least. At this time, he temporarily put down his guard against the people in the car, of course, just before seeing Vali.

His name is Yiqi. He was actually a man who grew up on the Siberian plateau. Later he participated in a local boxing training camp and finally became a mercenary. He was the only one who survived this time.

At the pier, looking at the four former companions who were 西安夜网论坛 originally here to prepare for the final evacuation route, Yiqi did not even feel much sadness. The only thing he felt scared was that his body was injected with an unknown virus.


What’s more, aside from the weapons that have been confiscated, his pure melee ability is far inferior to the young man in front of him who can grab a ho