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an understand, and if there is any secret ultimate, it is only the book of Revelation, from which we have established the evangelical church today and ruled the Western world for nearly a thousand years.

That is a book of miracles.

Snow . Hermans stared at Lorenzo intently.

We have obtained the secret blood from it But is this really all that is recorded in the book of Revelation? Even now, no one really knows all the knowledge of that book.

Lorenzo felt an invisible pressure, it was a sense of peeping, as if something was staring at him in 西安桑拿网 this wine cellar.

Lorenzo Medici, he has power, wealth, and fame. As a person, his life has reached the extreme, but this is still Not enough, not enough at all. He spent all his life creating a golden age, so how can he bear it to end?

This is a terrible secret, even a taboo secret, Shermans has never had the opportunity to say this, because once they say it, those people must feel that they are crazy, but today is different, this is the last carnival of life.

He has Pure will, but imprisoned by the mortal physique.

Shermans said his own guess.

I guess this is what Lorenzo Medici has been doing in his later years. He is studying the apocalypse, from which The secret blood obtained has created you so powerful, let alone saving a dying old man?

Lorenzo eye pupil contraction, he had to believe the words of snow Erman Si, because during that 新西安夜网 strange memories, he was really heard.

Blood Holy Grail.

Lorenzo de ‘Medici

Lorenzo’s voice A little trembling, he suddenly realized that the power of Master Lawrence is nothing at all.This mysterious existence is truly terrifying.A plan has been planned many years ago, even in the golden age, and it has spread since 西安夜生活网 then and still remains. An influential conspiracy.

Immortality . Only immortality can he return that great golden age to eternity. His

speech caused a wound, and Shermans drank alcohol to his other half, eating pain and vomiting all the wine, blood mixed in it, hard to tell .

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