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meat floss from the Pai Plateau, and asked me with big eyes in disbelief: ” Boss, you actually took out the pork floss from Pai Plateau and gave these slaves broth?”

“These meat floss were originally dry food prepared by the tribe orcs for hunting in the wasteland. It was only in the Green Empire that this thing became an imported product and became an uncommon 西安耍耍网 item on people’s dining table. Only then did the imperial people think it was a dining table. A delicacy on the table.” I took another piece of meat floss from the magic pocket, and put it in my hand, and said with emotion.

Suddenly, the tide of memory poured into the sea of ??spirit, and in the golden sea in my mind, countless beautiful pictures on the Pai Plateau emerged.

While lamenting that time 新西安夜网 is gone, he said to Nick: “The original intention of these floss tiles was made to replace those unpalatable raw jerky. Oh, by the way, have you tried raw jerky?”

Nick Both Brennan and Brennan shook their heads blankly and said: No.

I picked up a dry branch under the taylor tree at random, broke it off forcefully, bit on the dry branch with my teeth, and pointed to such a dry branch and said to them both: “That taste Just like this dry branch, you can’t bite it with good teeth, and the 西安夜生活论坛 air-dried raw meat will become tasteless and taste like chewing wax.” The

honest Nick also followed me and cut a piece of the dry branch. He bit in his mouth, frowned and spit out the wood scum in his mouth.

Brennan, who was next to him, cast his gaze on the meat floss brick in my hand, slightly distracted, not 新西安夜网 knowing what he was thinking at the moment.

The strong fragrance was floating in the courtyard, and the orc slaves sitting in the courtyard were resting staring at the big iron pot. These orc slaves only drank a little sweet potato porridge at noon, such a long time. Time, it is estimated that the stomach has become empty long ago, seeing such a big pot of broth, has been unable to restraint and began to swallow.

The owner of the workshop wa