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tently, and then he sighed: “This kid, took the Dark Elf potion…In two months, he completely absorbed the Abyssal Mayfly potion… well, 西安夜网论坛 yes. At that time… the fairness of the law is of little significance sincerely. There are always some geniuses who deserve to be gracious outside the law.”

An hour later.

Hydra Palace, underground, claustrophobic temple.

Short and small, with a rickety body less than five feet tall, his whole body is wrapped in a huge black robe, and his face is pitted with wrinkles, old and withered to the extreme, the cane of Medika pestle, frowning and looking at Mata Shi The Crown of Misery held by the Third World.

“It feels a bit weird.” Medica shook his head: “Are you sure…this is genuine?”

Merlin on the side brought the metal box in front of Medica: “Look, here, there are identification documents signed by the thirteen antique collectors, connoisseurs and research experts of the Knights of Suffering.西安夜生活第一论坛网 ..Here, there is also the crown. Provided by his master, the whole process of obtaining this crown.”

“The former owner of the crown collected this crown. I originally thought that because of the crown… the halo of that noble bloodline could make his family and himself, Get some extra fame in the noble circle of the empire.”

“But after he got the crown, before he had time to show it off, 西安耍耍网the Holy Inquisition Chamber secretly came to the door and threatened to send his whole family to the fire… I am not willing to hand over the crown that cost a lot of money for nothing.”

Merlin pointed to the thin pages of parchment in the open box, and said solemnly: “So he gave the crown to Whispering Forest Club. , Ready to be auctioned at the New Year’s auction…The only thing that was targeted by the Saints Inquisition 西安夜生活论坛 Court, only the Al Organization can have the confidence to take over.”

Medica clicked his lips and picked up the sheepskin in the metal box. The paper and a page of white paper with the names of thirteen appraisers signed, carefully examined it for a