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leman came out to help them.” He said a little proudly. “As for the west part of the city, the gangs are much more complicated because they are all small gangs. I have only dealt with their bosses at best. They are–” “The news of the gang is not important, so I don’t need to elaborate on it here. “,” the tall Mojin clan member interrupted, “I just want to ask, can you take us to the lair of these underground mice?” “Ahem, this adult” Cracked the bone and nodded at him,” As the saying goes, rats build nests with ten caves and nine holes. I know the main gathering places of the gangs, but it is impossible to know every refuge place for them, especially those hiding places constructed by dry wells and basements. Only the boss and Only the cronies know the specific location.” “He was right about that,” Renn sighed. “If you have to face it head-on, the mouse is simply vulnerable, but if you want to eliminate them one by one, I am afraid it will be difficult to do. “If there is a sudden attack, there is still a little chance, but now the notice has been issued. When the action is taken, the bosses should have been hiding.” “Hidden?” the black-haired witch sneered, “unless he hides.” Go to Chishui City, otherwise as long as you stay in the fortress, there will be no one we can’t find.” “Yes, you are right.” Cracked Bone wiped the sweat from his forehead and stopped arguing. The pressure this witch named Ashes puts on people is amazing. Ren has been on the battlefield and also fought evil beasts in Hermes. He knows what a real warrior is. So, even those judges who have experienced many battles will be eclipsed in front of her. The other party doesn’t need to put on a scary appearance, just standing there can make people afraid to look directly. There is no doubt that she has not only seen blood and taken the lives of enemies, but also wandered on the edge of life and death to have such a domineering aura. “According to your Royal Highness, we still have three days to prepare. After the first batch of rations is distribu