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e had secretly read some of my memories this time, and faced the problem of Hvin Rambis in order to show normal and unprotected memories. Audrey has a feeling that

her thoughts are almost stagnant. The reason why she did not wear a lie is simple: she is afraid that this jewelry will magnify her emotions and cause the demigod facing an audience to be unable to completely cover up her true thoughts.

And this It means that she foresaw her encounter with Hvin Rambis today. This is something that shouldn’t and cannot happen under normal circumstances!

Suddenly, Audrey grabbed an inspiration and smiled blankly:

It will enlarge My emotions reduce the probability of successful 西安桑拿网 hypnosis. In order not to have any 西安夜网论坛accidents, I removed it in advance

. Herben Rambis gently nodded and said:

That’s it.

Just as Audrey’s heart was slightly relaxed, the demigod of the audience approach suddenly squinted his eyes:

If this is the only thing, there is really no doubt, but when you first saw me, it was slightly beyond the limit. Fear of combining, it seems not so simple

. 西安夜生活论坛 While speaking, Hvin Rambis’s pale blue eyes stood up, and quickly dyed a golden color. In

those two golden vertical pupils, clearly reflected After the image of Audrey wearing a knight costume. With a

buzz, Audrey’s thoughts became extremely confused, and only the one under the spiritual sky barely remained awake.

She was aware of the surface of the soul sea around the island, the wave It surged and covered it. 西安夜生活第一论坛网

At the same time, the illusory Hvin Rambis of the gloomy temperament went and returned, and returned to the island, staying under the sea, letting patches of gray-white dragon scales fly in. The cornerstone of the island, that is, in the huge subconscious realm of human beings.

Audrey suddenly felt that her thoughts had been distorted, she wanted to speak everything and confess all her secrets.西安耍耍网

Relying on her sobriety under the spiritual sky, she Reluctantly controlled myself, did not reveal any hidden feelings, and k