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Expansion cannot be used for private purposes, otherwise you will be fined.” At

this point, Professor Smith was even more disdainful. “You know, those shit rules have many loopholes in themselves, or when they were writing the law. , Deliberately leave loopholes!”

Regarding the law, Albert strongly agrees that the laws of the magical world are basically riddled with defects, and in essence they still serve a small group of people. 西安夜生活论坛

“You probably don’t know, Wuhen Stretching spells cannot be used for private purposes, otherwise you will be fined, more for your own profit.” Speaking of this, Professor Smith even disdains, “Except for products approved by the relevant departments of the Ministry, leather Suitcases or family travel tents. Of course, these things are actually prescribed by a certain family for profit.”

Albert was dumbfounded when he heard that. He didn’t expect that there is such a truth.

“Of course, those suitcases or family travel tents are all. Strict inspections are the right thing to do.” Smith was not at all polite when talking about the dark history of some people.

“Give yourself some benefits with power. This is normal operation.” Albert laughed to himself, “If I had a chance, I would definitely do the same.”

Smith was stunned, and probably didn’t expect 西安耍耍网 Albert to say that. .

However, he was replaced, eight would do the same.

who will make life difficult for it to go with Kanon?

what’s more, it is legitimate to make money.

“Ahem, anyway, you pay attention to the point just fine.” Professor Smith cautioned, “I don’t want you to be accused of being imprisoned in Azkaban Prison for this.”

“Well, let’s not talk about it, try it!”

“Increase the capacity!” Albert waved his wand and drank to himself The finished teacup casts a spell.

“The gesture is wrong, it should be like this.” Professor Smith raised his wand and gave Albert a demonstration.

“Expansion increment!” Albert tried several more practice attempts, but failed.

However, Albert was not disc