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President Dumbledore has something to ask for you.” Professor McGonagall motioned Albert to go to the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 principal’s office with her.

“That…Professor, I will pay you later. There is a class.”

“Mr. Weasley, remember to ask for leave for Mr. Anderson.” Professor McGonagall said without hesitation.

“See you later!” Albert finished the rest of the food in two or two bites, threw the bag to George, and waved at everyone. After waving his hand, he followed in the footsteps of Professor McGonagall.

Of course Albert knows why the principal is looking for himself.

Dumbledore estimated that the letter sent out yesterday was a bit of a letter, and he was going to check 新西安夜网 it out.

Albert had already woven a real and false one in his brain. The story, for this day, he is ready. The

two silently turned a corner and stopped in front of a lion eagle head.

“Chocolate frog!!” After

she said the order, the lion head eagle headed The beast 西安桑拿网came alive, revealing the spiral staircase behind the wall. As soon as Albert and Professor McGonagall stepped on, they followed the escalator to the principal’s office.

Professor McGonagall knocked on the door and brought Albert in. No one inside, Dumble Lido didn’t know where he was.

Professor McGonagall asked Albert to wait, then turned and left, leaving him alone in the principal’s room.

Dumbledore didn’t let Albert wait too long. He walked in from outside the office, as if Something is out.

“Mr. Anderson.” Dumbledore said, looking at Albert with a smile, “I have read your letter…”

“If you are looking for the crown in the photo, I will take you there. Albert looked at Dumbledore and said softly.

“Then 西安夜生活网 let’s go!” Dumbledore nodded, satisfied with the efficiency.

“Principal, what do you think it is?” Albert asked softly.

“西安夜网论坛 No Well, you need to see the real thing to know.” Dumbledore followed Albert to the opposite side of the tapestry

where the giant stick beats the silly Barnabas. “It’s right here,” Albert said, “I call it the House of All Requests.