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this is the first time I am writing the copy, and not only did it not drop, On the contrary, it has been rising, nearly one hundred thousand words, and I have been writing down very interestingly. When I

arrived in the world of the book, I made another attempt, because the first exploration of this copy will be very short, and it is impossible to expand the characters in it. In the past, it was impossible to 新西安夜网express their sorrows and joys very contagiously and effectively, so I was thinking about how to express it. In the

end, the traveler of the title allowed me to finalize my ideas. As a traveler, there is no Dharma penetrates into the lives of others, and everything you see is only an external manifestation, and then you will have different feelings.For example, during a trip, when you see a girl drunk and vomiting and crying by the roadside, some people will think that they are really unloving. Ah, some people will wonder if she has experienced something sad, and some will feel noisy.

Based on the different tone of human sorrows and joys, I deliberately did not write about the past of Grossel M?bbet and the others, to play up their emotions, but to faithfully and objectively and calmly record what they should have. The performance does not involve their inner monologue at all.

If you look carefully, you will find that in that paragraph I basically did not directly write Xiaoke’s inner feelings, and deliberately left blank.

Therefore, some people feel that the force is sensational, a bit Awkward, some friends will be more sentimental, and some will deeply imagine and extend, trying to restore.


This is the effect I want to achieve, human sorrows and joys are not the same, especially in the eyes of a traveler, laugh.

I have written a lot of eloquence, and the big summary of the third part is that the characters and the story are well combined, but it is a bit anxious when buttons are buttoned, and some parts can be stretched a bit.

Okay, the more difficult it is to write later, it ta