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on the responsibilities of fighting with the army. With such a large gathering of elites, 西安夜网论坛 they actually dormant in a territorial guard, and no one would believe it. The gold content of this eagle knight is too much! I hope you realize that this fight is undoubtedly extremely bad, especially at this time of preparation for war. Suffolk felt a little regretful in his heart. The personnel of the Ripper Brigade constituted intelligence, which had already been sent to his desk by the military. But as the commander of the army in charge of a total of 38,000 people, he had no interest in a brigade with just over 300 combatants, and let the list be buried deeper and deeper in the archives until it was completely difficult to find. My lord, there is no doubt that the Ripper Group has the main responsibility. It was General Buster, one of the three wing commanders of Dragon Claw. Most of the Legionnaires who fought with Gaoshan Fort 西安耍耍网 came from his twelve brigade. The whole thing is simple and clear, and it is not difficult to restore the truth after a little inquiries. Compared with the consequences, the initial cause is simply not worth mentioning-when a few soldiers watched the flag parade, they laughed a lot. The Skal were too na?ve to speak but had a violent temper. Hearing that outsiders looked down on their own army flag, they acted directly if they didn’t agree with each other. This was the beginning of the bickering to actual combat. The soldiers of the Dragon’s Claw faced war, and were far more irritated than usual, and immediately chose to fight back without hesitation. Among the barbarians and centaur who came afterwards, one of them was a lawless master. They had a chance to stop the fight, but they couldn’t wait to get involved one by one. When Richard 西安桑拿按摩 arrived at the scene a little slower, things were already irreversible. If the fall of a rock can cause an avalanche, the addition of barbarians and centaur can naturally trigger more chain reactions. What they did touched the tense string in the hea