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nize Klein the Fool while listening to Little Sun’s description. I quickly analyzed the pros and cons of different sealed artifacts in my mind.

The first thing he ruled out was the Twilight Mask, because the negative effect of the Sealed Artifact from the former chief of Silver City was too great.

Although Klein could let the Secret Puppet wear this mask and cut off the hearing connection, thereby avoiding it. unceasing wailing, screaming, and do not worry about the nature of their own secret even items will become slaves dusk masks, but as 西安夜生活论坛 a result, his body will become around for no reason, suddenly, one after another of those who died.

then Klein gave up the Fallen Flute for the same reason. The ability of this Sealed Artifact to predict danger in advance is indeed better than that of the squirming hunger. It is greedy, but the negative impact is also not so easy to avoid:

if Klein uses this The root flute will gradually become cold and lose normal emotions.This is completely contradictory to his concept of using human nature to fight divine nature and maintain balance.If it is handed over to a secret puppet, his body will suffer a significant decline in the thinking ability of surrounding creatures, and it is easy to make mistakes. Terrible effect, this will lead to the 西安夜网论坛 passive loss of the core advantage of the divination path.

In 西安桑拿网 addition, this flute will also degrade the hearts of the people in the place where it is, and I don’t want the people on Berklund Street to become a carnival group who abandon morals. At that time, I can only consider the’Sword of Xi Yin’ and the’Stand of Life’ for the number of illegitimate children born. Klein mumbled silently, and quickly started to choose one of the two topics: The

statue of the head on the sword of Xi Yin is For Klein, this means that he can communicate, and as long as he can communicate, many negative effects can naturally be reduced.As for the height restriction, he is a big deal. He only talks about height, anyway, balance ability. F