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he beginning, she was somewhat restrained, probably never singing indoors. However, as the tune gradually entered the high dynasty, she was completely devoted to the music. Roland seemed to hear the sound of the hot wind blowing through the green forest. The temperature in the room seemed to increase a bit, and the smell of the baking sand from the hot sun also came from his nose. When the aftertaste slowly dissipated, Roland took a long aftertaste from the music. Recovered. Undoubtedly, this is a lyrical song full of exotic feelings. For him, who has a lack of tone, he can’t find any fault at all. However, he did not see the vast desert, and he was still sitting in the study room, flowing with a stream of water. The oasis is even missing. He looked at Nightingale, who shook her head at him, obviously she hadn’t seen those strange illusions either. Is this ability not effective? Did you just write this song? Roland asked. Well, Echo nodded. Then sing a few more songs that I taught you. He thought about it and decided to let everyone come over and listen. After a while, the study was full of witches, and even the three of Sleeping Island rushed over, even though they still held a stack of unfinished cards in their hands. The echo was a bit nervous, but with Wendy’s encouragement, she slowly recovered her composure and sang all the songs including the guerrilla song. Without exception, these songs received warm applause from the witches. After asking everyone’s feelings, Roland also had a general judgment in his heart. That is, the degree of influence by the song also depends on the subjective experience of the listener. Those who have the same experience as the atmosphere of the song will be more affected. The basis for judgment is that of the modern songs taught by themselves, everyone reflects the most guerrilla songs. Well, after much deliberation, it is only because the witches have seen the scene of the First Army marching along with the drumbeat of the song, and can better appreciate the meaning contained in