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hem much stronger.

Kurz has recently gotten into a habit. He always likes to sit at the entrance of my tent, watching the beast girls coming and going outside, and talking to me about their figures and faces. It seems that he has really grown up. After attending the coming-of-age ceremony for two months, you can marry a beautiful orc wife. He said he was 西安夜生活论坛 looking forward to the gift I gave him. Actually, I didn’t think about what I would give him.

As usual, Sister Guo Guo would sit with me for a while and chat. She doesn’t have much time to stay. Among those members of the Windchaser Adventure Group, Viru suffered the most from the poisonous injury and is still undergoing recuperation, although Sister Guoguo uses magic detoxification skills every day. Eliminate the toxins remaining in the body for him, but the effect is not very obvious. Jangbach, Yue Lun, Duolunlie, and Tia have suffered dark injuries to varying degrees. They have paid a lot to survive this time, and they have been restoring their bodies these days. At this time, sister Guo Guo would always tell me about the things they experienced in the adventure group.

Sister Guoguo and I sat side by side at 西安桑拿网 the entrance of the tent. Watching the rain outside. Kuz, who was sitting at the door, was driven away by Sister Guoguo, and we both took his place. At this time, Qige and Catalina will not bother us. Miss Qi and Guoguo talked about it. Guoguo gave up the right to take care of me and did not bring me back to their adventure tent. , But when she sees me every day, Qige won’t bother me.

“So our Gubolai immediately carried a large roll of devil antelope skins and antelope horns. You have never been to the deep inland wilderness of the Pai Plateau, and you don’t know what is called an animal tide. There are so many unicorns. It’s like a sea tide. It feels like a big snowy mountain collapses when you run. There are a large number of orcs gathered there, they keep beating and killing those magic antelopes like the wind. In the gathering pla