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Prepare to say goodbye to your past. From now on, you have nothing to do with this place.”

Newton was silent, his eyes turned cold.

“Don’t worry, your teachers, the research materials left by the old men, and the copies of the experiments you have hidden everywhere. These things are a bit troublesome.

I will burn them without leaving a piece of paper, a part, no Don’t be sad if you leave a trace of the trace, I can pay, let you drink, let you go to prostitutes, and ensure that you have a

safe life and live a happy life. How about?” “Ye Qingxuan”

Newton looked up stiffly. The muddy eyes were full of bloodshot eyes. For the

first time, his arrogance in his bones disappeared, revealing anger.

Ye Qingxuan smiled, stretched out his hand, and patted his 西安夜网论坛 face: “The giants are dead, Mr. Newton, you There is no need to stand on their shoulders anymore.

Let go of the burden, no one will force you in the future.

Those unnecessary talents are slowly being wiped out between fine wine and prostitutes.

In a few years, no one will remember you. You are just a bad old man at the Royal Academy. Occasionally, you can 西安夜生活网 pass the addiction of pointing young people when sweeping the floor. Don’t worry, I will stop all your intervention projects.

How about sending a few officials from the city hall to manage it? A new Royal Academy is established by rules and regulations. I divide it into a few more titles and rank it every year. Everyone will definitely follow suit.

Every day there are endless seminars and endless work meals. After two years, people here will become fat and bloated clerks, dealing with piles of documents every day.

You will witness all this.

From the world forgetting you, to the abandonment of everything you love, you will witness it with your own eyes, I promise. ”

Ye Qingxuan made predictions calmly and calmly, and bit by bit took all of Newton’s ideals and all his life’s hard work from his hands, stepped into the quagmire, stepped on the 新西安夜网 scores and disintegrated.

So skilled,