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ays been a legend among adventurers that the Hanged Itachi is a fallen messenger of death. Meeting it is equivalent to meeting death. The legend is unbelievable, but it is true that the strength of the hanged ferret is much stronger than the average demon, especially the magical tail, the speed is so fast and the angle is tricky, very few people can escape under its chase. Perhaps seeing the arrival of the White Dragon Lord, the Hanging Weasel felt threatened and accelerated the offensive. The 西安夜网论坛 sickle-shaped tail danced into a phantom in the air. The pressure of the adventurers such as Felicia increased and the danger was all around. At this time, Felicia Ya waited for the adventurer to realize that this terrible demon had been teasing herself all the time. Flutter! The sickle-shaped tail pierced the belly of an adventurer and pulled out from behind, bringing out blood and internal organs. Knowing that he could not survive, this adventurer was also cruel enough to grasp the devil’s tail with his hands and feet, and the sickle tail. Suddenly, his flexibility was greatly reduced, and the remaining companions were able to breathe, which also bought time for the White Dragon Lord to arrive. Finally, the White Dragon Lord entered the magic range. Facing a high-level legendary Hanged Weasel, the White Dragon Lord didn’t dare to be careless. 西安全城安排网 Once he started, he was a killer-soul magic. Advanced Soul Magic-Soul Breaking Arrow! An invisible arrow of soul energy shot at the devil, and the hanged ferret who had just gotten rid of the burden, dodged sideways, the White Dragon Lord was shocked. This was the first time someone dodges a soul magic attack head-on. Is it possible to see the 西安桑拿按摩 soul energy, or other reasons? ! The White Dragon Lord looked at the Hanged Weasel and tried to find the answer from its face. On the Hanged Weasel’s face, the White Dragon Lord saw surprise and dread, and a trace of confusion. The possibility of seeing the soul energy is unlikely, the White Dragon Lord made a judgment in his heart