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What is the level of magic classification?” Professor Smith clapped his hands and re-attracted everyone’s attention.

“XXXXX.” Fred started.

“Very good.” Professor Smith looked around everyone and sternly warned, “The eight-eyed giant spider is a cruel giant spider. It can understand and speak human 西安耍耍网 words, but it also likes to eat human flesh, so don’t Doubt the IQ of these big guys.”

“With your current level of magic,


probably wo n’t even be able to escape when encountering an eight-eyed giant spider.” “Then what should we do?” “The best way is naturally to stay away from them. “Point.” Professor Smith said, “Don’t think you are learning some magic, just think you are very powerful, let alone go into the forbidden forest stupidly, that is irresponsible to your own life, if you die, Hagrid has to enter The Linzi will clean up the wreckage for you. Even if I am accidentally attacked by the Eight-Eyed Giant Spider, I will lose my life because of it.”

“Does the Eight-Eyed Giant Spider really speak human words?” Professor Smith’s words undoubtedly shocked. Most of the students, but there are still a few 西安夜生活第一论坛网 people who are curious.

“Yes, the eight-eyed giant spider does speak human words.” In the

seats, Fred and George looked at each other. They had actually encountered the eight-eyed giant spider. Yes, I think Smith’s words are a bit exaggerated. The man next to them is a fierce man who singled out hundreds of eight-eyed giant spiders.

“No, Professor Smith is right. Eight-eyed giant spiders are very dangerous, not everyone is Lucky like you.” Albert agrees with Professor Smith. It is undoubtedly a very stupid thing for him to despise the eight-eyed giant spider. When confronting the eight-eyed giant spider in the forest, he needs to be careful for fear of being attacked.

Of course, If it’s a face-to-face singles, Albert thinks he can hit a dozen eight-eyed giant spiders.

“Well, this topic is over.” Professor Smith raised his hand and made a stop gesture, and continued, “Next, Begin