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although it is fierce, the mature and complete sewer system in the old dull underground will not cause any bad natural disasters.

So, where do you start with your question?

Hercule looked at Lorenzo on the other side. There was no lighting in the room. He could only rely on the depressed light to see Lorenzo’s face clearly.

Lorenzo was like a confused child, his previous madness 西安夜生活网 All the anger disappeared.

I want to learn from the memory palace . I guess I must remember what, but I forgot, just like I don’t remember myself as 047, so it must be hidden in the depths of my memory.

Lorenzo’s words Some hesitation, he firmly believes that he is 042, but when talking, he is still hesitant to face the indefensible evidence.

Compared 西安桑拿网 with those, it is better to talk about yourself first.

Hercule tried to help Lorenzo , Lorenzo told him a lot in the sewer before, but some of the more secret parts were hidden by Lorenzo, and he must go to the Demon Hunter, such as the pseudo-Holy Grail. In Herculi’s eyes, Luo Renzo is now a patient with a split personality.

You say you split a 047 personality. To be precise, that 047 personality split you, your personality named 042, and then 047 died. You think you are. Normal, until now,

Hercule tried to figure out the relationship, and then he was amazed.

Your state is a bit like me when I was in a shipwreck, but I didn’t have a split personality, but became the way I am now.

He then started nagging.

Lorenzo, sometimes I too Like you, I can’t distinguish myself.

Lorenzo 西安耍耍网 moved his gaze back from the window. He didn’t know why Herkeri said that.

I have read many books, and they are still stored in the magnificent palace in my mind. A few of them are really interesting. They explore ourselves.

The meaning of living.

So the answer is? Lorenzo asked. It

didn’t make sense.

Hercule spread his hands, indicating that he was also helpless.

From the lines, you could see that he was a pessimistic and passive but very intelligent guy. He said tha