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nd of food!”

“Well said!”

The expressions of the other guards are getting more and more ugly. Even if they hit the iron fence with a stick, they didn’t suppress the group of vicious bastards, but stirred up a round. Called scolding.

The guards glanced at each other, and finally fell on the same person. The person being watched spit out and swears:

“Why is it me again?” After a

few mutters, he turned and left.

Soon, a large number of guards rushed into the cell, led by a fat man with a monocle, with a gloomy expression, casually 西安耍耍网 pointed to a few of the most exaggerated guys, and a fierce jailer rushed into the prison, The prisoner was dragged out, and then beaten in front of everyone until his nose was bruised and swollen, with several broken bones.

The noisy prison quickly returned to silence.

Ye Qingxuan’s prison door was opened.

The fat man with the monocle pulled his shoulder strap, walked into the cell, looked at the romantic choice, a sullen look flashed 西安夜网论坛 in his eyes, and was soon replaced by a kind smile forcibly squeezed out.

“Mr. Ye, where are you making trouble again?”

He looked at Ye Qingxuan’s appearance, then glanced at the dinner plate that was thrown into the corner, and immediately understood what: “Does it seem to suit your taste? ?”

He said with a smile: “I’m afraid the people below are ignorant and didn’t make it clear. Your status is noble. This is the warden’s special care, and the chef is invited to arrange meals for you separately.

It is said that the olive oil inside is all It’s imported from Burgundy, and I don’t usually have such a good taste.”

“Don’t compare me with yours.”

Ye Qingxuan’s expression is contemptuous, and his tone is not polite, “I’m a dignified Marquis! Take a look at what the hell you are 新西安夜网 doing? Put a few slices of beef and fill the steak? Just make two fish and cook it as a seafood broth? How about the pre-dinner wine? Let me drink a bottle of this kind The counterweight of the dollar!

Can you serve such a greasy grilled steak?