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Glorious 新西安夜网 War, such as a photo of the whole family. I saw my father inside. , But I have never met the other people in the photo.

Later, when I arrived at Old Dunling, I knew a lot, such as what the Glorious War is, and what some soldiers will experience. It seems that everything in the past has an answer, but It was too late.

Blue Jade remained silent, and only the roars of the demons were left in the weird silence, but at the moment the voice sounded so relaxed.

Someone must remember, right.

After a long time, she said again , Shrike paused for a while, and then nodded seriously.

Some people need to remember some stories, as long as they remember them, they are like thorns of self-punishment in their hearts. This is the blue jade’s secret, the last secret, the only secret. The

She doesn’t know why 西安夜网论坛 everything turned out like this. The only person who can give her the answer has been asleep that winter, and she will never get the answer.

So this is my will, If you can survive, please remember this story.

fragile little girl is gone, and she is fierce again. , Stood up slowly, enduring the pain.

But, nothing is reliable, such as you, so if you can work hard to survive, you still have to try.

Lan 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Jade panted heavily, holding the carriage, she Her feet were also severely burned, and every time she walked, she felt severe pain. The stage of the

Glory’s (cao) was in front, and the unlucky driver was still sleeping comfortably on the side. She marched hard, but suddenly It was as if there was thunder passing through the nerves, she looked directly at the shrike, and the eyes of the shrike had the same meaning as her.

They all noticed that something has disappeared, the weird that has been trapped in the entire area. The thing disappeared.

That weird dreamland! At the time of

despair, finally ushered in some hope. The two eyes had hope, but the wailing of all the demons disappeared in the next second, and only heavy footsteps were in the dead silence. As I approached here, it hit