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een touched by too many people?” With a smirk, his voice rang in the chef’s ear.

“Oh, my goodness! I think it’s the latter? Geers, you damn guy, your head 西安桑拿网 is spinning so fast! Fornicating Gong Linna, how can I forget Missy’s affair in the shop.”

“So I am Doctor, you are a cook.” The family doctor in the castle answered with a serious mind.

“You fart!”

Talking and chatting, they suddenly started to talk to each other. The reason for such a leisurely relationship is entirely because after the team is formed, the right of action has been given to the captain.


At this time, Chef Nelson and Tiff, the maid, were all in a state of subordination. Because the team was originally dominated by the number of people, not only did the action and the points become one, but the drawing of the function card became one time.

As for the reduction of life, it is also a unity, which can be said to be both prosperity and loss.

After all, the travel in the chessboard 西安夜生活论坛 space is delayed compared to the time outside, or the ratio of the two sides is different.

Taking advantage of this gap, Tina quietly came to Dr. Geers’s side. She looked at the temporary captain Luo who was cutting tofu as if he was cutting tofu. She quickly asked in a low voice, “Doctor, Is this what Mr. Valli meant?”

Dr. Geers interrupted the conversation with Nelson and looked at the sister of 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the Siamese curiously.

The maid’s voice was lower at this time, “Give first and then seize, let the opponent’s confidence inflate and then wipe out all the hopes of the opponent with a thunder blow, and then fall into the abyss of despair, so as to obtain the pleasure of pleasure. Is Mr. Valli’s usual style?”

“No, no.” Dr. Geers said with a smile at this time, “but this time, maybe it can really give this master a big 新西安夜网surprise. You are looking forward to it. Right.” The

maid tilted her head suspiciously.

But seeing that Dr. Geers, with a livid smile at this time, walked a few steps quickly, walked to the temporary captain, and Miss Maid Ti