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s not have several factions. ‘Death Archon’ Hell 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Admiral’ Ludwell can almost be confirmed to be the’arm’ of the Spiritual Sect

. Dealing with him is equivalent to dealing with the Spiritual Sect Dawn. Dantes once said that the members of that secret organization come from different Where there are different purposes, Klein’s purpose is revenge. Will there be one whose purpose is to strike at the Spiritual Religion, gradually incorporate them, resurrect themselves or recreate the Death God?

Since 西安夜生活网 there is Dawn Dantes For the undead monsters that survived in the Quaternary Period, it is normal for that secret organization to have an ancient’Death Archon’. Perhaps his corresponding tarot card is the’God of Death’! After his thoughts were flashed, Leonard felt that he had grasped the truth. .

he then think of some of the details:

Dawn Tang Taisi Quaternary surviving undead;.

He knows the South Continent very well;

he recently left Backlund and his whereabouts are unknown!

Leonard was shocked. Taking advantage of the opportunity of discussion with his teammates , he raised his tea cup , covered his mouth, and whispered to himself:

Old man, Dao En Tang Taisi will is the ‘death of the consul’?

Palie Si Zoroastrians slightly hoarse voice with a slight smile and said:

No. 西安桑拿网

‘death consuls’ is both the title of the status of worship Lang Empire , Is also the name of Sequence 2 of the’Reaper’ pathway at the time.

Sequence 2’s hidden organization has Sequence 2 angel Leonard’s eyes shrunk and whispered again:

Why are you sure that Dawn Dantes is not the’Death Archon’? Because He is not an angel?

Paleston laughed and said:

No, the reason is very simple, you have seen the portrait of the real’Death 新西安夜网 Archon’, when you were investigating the’Welch suicide case’, you might even have had a relationship with him. Contact.

He is a faculty member of the Department of History at Hoy University. Azik Aegs

Azik Aegs Leonard was first stunned and then suddenly stunned.

He finally understood wh