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Yes, it is the noodles. The main ingredient is the cheapest cooked cassava flour mixed with honey to make a ball, mixed with some cheap and flavorful spices to bring out a medicinal taste. It cost less than three silver coins. In general, it can be considered as seasoned noodles. The name Shura Potion is still from the knight novel, because it vaguely has the charm of his hometown, so it is deeply impressed. The main ingredient of this thing is starch, and its only effect is to fill the stomach. As for increasing strength, nurturing spirit, and reborn, it is completely nonsense. But Richard didn’t worry about putting on a gang, not at all, there was a system to wipe his butt. Starting from defeating Gunther in the arena, all the barbarians’ applications for entry into the team have been successively received in the riding and cutting system. It has been shelved without processing, because even for a race with a lack of brains like barbarians, the system is 西安耍耍网 too much beyond common sense. They are all experienced fighters. Once they get a high amount of promotion from the system in a short time, they will definitely find something wrong. After all, no matter how weak the brain is, it is not in the loyal clone army. It will be afraid, betray, and question unreasonable situations. From the first day when he discovered the riding and cutting system, Richard knew that this was definitely a secret that could only be rotten in his stomach by himself. Therefore, he had to be cautious. It is necessary to find a reasonable, or at least a seemingly reasonable source for the effect of the system, such as drugs. If a mian tuo looks like a potion, tastes like a potion, and the effect is like a potion after eating, it is undoubtedly a potion. After the barbarians swallowed the group, Richard began 西安全城安排网 to quickly apply for admission. agree. agree. agree. The promotion route of highland barbarian soldiers is to start from the lowest level of the barbarian militia, and go up the road to black, followed by the barbarian hun