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helplessly spread his hands: “If I dodge, I might hurt them… Well, Liya told me since I was a child ——Don’t bully the little ones, and don’t be afraid of the powerful. I can beat those young masters and ladies to the blood, but since I was little, Gorkin and I have 新西安夜网 never bullied these…”

Joe pointed to the children: ” Poor fellow!”

Marcos was stunned, his granite eyes flashed for a while, then he raised his head and took a deep look at the gray sky.

“Don’t bully the little ones, don’t be afraid of the powerful… This is a good virtue, Master Joe.” Marcos grinned and nodded to Joe: “However, you can have a better way of coping, for example, use the shortest 西安耍耍网 Time to stun them, and then get out.”

Marcos said leisurely: “You have not weak power, but you also need the skills to use these powers, and the experience of using these skills… I can teach you!”

Qiao squinted his eyes and nodded happily: “Then, Marcos, you can get an extra supplementary tuition…Mr. Skeins, remember, Marcos will be mine in the future. Fighting coach…”

Mr. Segengs took 西安夜生活论坛 a deep look at Marcos, then looked at the few children who had no injuries except for being knocked out, and nodded vigorously: “Yes, master… The allowance of your Excellency Marcos, I will pay every month in accordance with the highest standard enshrined by the family.”

Joe satisfactorily He snapped his fingers and smiled gladly.

Marcos has extremely terrifying power, but those children are so delicate.

At the moment Matthew shot, Marcos stunned a few children so softly and delicately, and then he could keep in front of Joe in time. In the process, Marcos used a little bit more power, even if he used dozens of pounds of power, it could cause fatal damage to these children.

Marcos, who has more than 50 million pounds of power, can accurately control his power to the level of tens of pounds… 西安夜生活第一论坛网

It is like a giant holding a giant axe and engraving on tofu, lifting weights and lifting weights, Marcos is right The control of power has