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estern Overlord Lane clan rarely interferes in them. He originally planned to slowly divide and absorb these noble territories after the city was built, but this rebellion gave him an opportunity to swallow the vast land and population outside the fortress in one go. He did not intend to let these nobles go. To be continued. Text Chapter 445 As soon as it dawned on the attack, Kakusim came to the dock. The difference between the novel and usual days is that the pier is full of silent people, carrying backpacks and spears, like a dense forest standing in the snow. Despite the large number of people, the order at the scene was very orderly. The soldiers boarded the paddle steamer one by one. This posture alone made him feel the power of speechlessness. Kakusim couldn’t help but swallowed. This is the soldier of His Royal Highness. It’s incredible, the old man thought, when he was young, he had smashed through most of the Greycastle, from Haifeng County to Bishuigang, and led the merchant fleet to the fjord islands, witnessed the majestic armored knights, and saw the empty-handed combat The fierce barbarian of the beast. Those people are undoubtedly extremely powerful brave men to him, but he did not expect that now in front of a group of ordinary people, he once again felt this powerful, and even better than before. That’s right, these people are ordinary people Kakusim came to Border Town for almost four months, and their understanding of the town has been deepening. He knew that the members of the First Army were basically selected from the local aborigines. Most of them were adults when they joined the army. Their previous occupations were varied, including miners and hunters, as well as furnace workers and masons, but there were no soldiers. In other words, they have no experience of receiving combat training since childhood. However, in just a few months, these people have already possessed an aura that is not inferior to any knights. What kind of magic did His Royal Highness perform? You really want to go beh