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nitz stayed here for two seconds, then subconsciously looked around. I saw the frost-hung rock walls and the completely extinguished fire. The

cave was quiet and silent, and he was alone.

Danitz’s body trembling subsided a little bit, his mouth opened, but nothing was said, only I can watch the captain’s figure disappear at the entrance of the

cave . Outside the cave, the former Roen soldier Ronzel who rolled to avoid the first round of attack. Edward saw the king of the north, Yulysian, flapped his wings and was about to rise into the air. Keep away from himself and other Extraordinaries to ensure his own safety, he hurriedly stabilized his figure, and pushed his left palm obliquely.

Then, he declared in ancient Hermes:

No flying here!

Suddenly, the frost dragon covers the sky The wings seemed to be hung with intangible things ten times and a hundred times its weight, and it became extremely difficult to fan.

The king of the north immediately let out an angry roar, and a huge sound wave penetrated into Longzel’s ears, making him involuntarily jolt.

call voice that 西安夜生活第一论坛网 obscured the sky like wings finally slapped down, the snow and frost all around the set off, throwing to the air.

Yuri Louisiana though it was difficult, but managed to fly up.

just At this time, the punishment knight Longzel’s expression became extremely solemn, and he once again uttered a sentence composed of ancient Hermes words:

violators should be punished! As

soon as the voice fell, his figure bounced up, and he was more than the frost dragon Uris Ann also fly rapidly, as if to get enhanced unknown forces.


Long Zell mid-air expansion body, hit the iron straight black sword hands, in a gesture bound to hit the king of the north of the cut in the neck.

that place , There were obvious cracks in the ice crystal-like armor piece, and it spread a little around, but 西安桑拿网 this did not cause Yulysian to bleed and hurt.

This frost dragon may not even feel the pain. The blue eyes locked onto Longzel, with a cruel