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rength of our Tarot Club is already so strong. !

Well, I have to look into who killed the blood is on, so you can figure out the real identity of Mr. world so, he would not be unhappy? no, he offered, should be willing to know that the Austrian justice Delly thought with joy.

The magician 西安夜网论坛 Forsi, who often needs to read various newspapers to collect materials, instantly recalled some news that he had read recently:

Admiral of Blood, Senor, was suspected of being taken by the crazy adventurer Gehrman. Sparrow killed!

Could it be that Mr. World is the crazy adventurer worth, no, 50,000 pounds bounty! Forsi is in awe, and truly begins to believe that the other party has the ability to help him kill the Aurora God So, Louis Wien, a suspected traveler!

Emlyn Moon, feels similar to Audrey the Justice, because he rarely reads various tabloids, and the area where he is active every day does not contain any news gathering place, and Derrick the Sun Not surprising at all, he had long been convinced that Mr. World was very powerful, even if the Hanged Man once said that Admiral of Blood was very 西安桑拿网 strong, he did not have an intuitive impression that he would definitely be inferior to Mr. World. Cattleya the Hermit was

silent After several seconds, he said:

How much do you plan to sell, or what items to change?

If the price is right, I can consider.

Very good! Finally someone is interested! Klein, who is burdened with heavy financial pressure, manipulates the world and said:

Twelve thousand gold pounds 西安耍耍网 .

he was afraid hermit Guardian Liya scare the offer, busy and added:

you can choose to replace the part with gold, so that overall only eleven thousand pounds.

Klein believes that the super generals who have robbed gold ships from various countries should have the necessary gold reserves.Even if they are not many, they can still be exchanged from other pirates, which will allow him to raise enough for the first debt of the messenger.

As for salvaging a shipwreck under the sea, because of t