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nd the paint she paints is ubiquitous magic. These words made everyone stiff, and neither did they let go of the notebook in their hands, nor did they let them go. The local church power has disappeared. You are worried about the prince raising his eyebrows. The witch is no different from us. I have verified this many times. Keke, Pei Luo almost choked, His Highness said yes. Fortunately, it is the fourth prince, hahaha, the other nobles also laughed awkwardly. Uh, it seems that he said something quite ambiguous. Roland pretended to be nonchalant and changed the topic as a prince for more than a year. He found that his level of calmness, or the thickness of his face, had increased by leaps and bounds. The pictures were just to make the content more vivid. , The story described above is the point. Everyone continued to turn over a few pages. Aurelian, the little girl of the Elk family, quickly raised her head. This is the family history of a nobleman. Aurelian Wren lowered her voice to remind her that your Highness was right. Roland, a nobleman in the Western Realm, made an innocent gesture. Some of you should remember him. Your Majesty, I know him, a knight said, Tigupine, he is my neighbor, and the land of the two of us was pasted together. I’ve seen him too, another person thought back, it seemed he was still a baron, and his father was a vassal of Joey Cole. Since Lord Joey left the West, his territory has declined. Viscount Tigu is currently in Border Town, Roland smiled and said, and this picture album records the history of me and him and what happened afterwards. As you can see He is an aristocrat living under the new system. He is currently busy practicing muskets. It is estimated that when the evil moon is over, he will take his daughter and attendants to the hidden forest to enjoy hunting. As far as I know, since he sold the territory east of the fortress and settled in Border Town, his knighthood has been promoted to the first level, and his wealth has increased several times. Fear stems from the unkno