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real god standing in the clouds, arrogantly and reservedly overlooking all the living beings below.

In the place where the 西安夜生活论坛 platinum fire shining brightly, among the nuns of the Santa Maya Cathedral, more than twenty little nuns, who were not more than fifteen years old, uttered a miserable cry at the same time.

Their eyes turned dark green in an instant, and then they burned out in a flash from their body to their soul, and they couldn’t even leave a strand of blue smoke.

Marlena, as well as those fighting nuns whose souls have 西安夜生活第一论坛网 fallen, disappeared without a trace in the flames.

“Golden Oak Church, Phoenix Divine Clothes.” Hessian stood in front of Joe and Golkin. He clenched his fists, and an ancient, formidable behemoth roared out in the amber eyes. Resist the supernatural power emanating from Saint Attila.

Hessian spit the big cigar in his mouth heavily on the ground, and licked his lips vigorously: “Boys, all have a little bit of knowledge, this is an artifact…Ah, a feather on this artifact is at least worth… Billion gold mark, right?” The

platform was burning.

The ceiling of the platform is burning.

Special trains are also burning.

The flames enveloped everything, Saint Attila stood in the ruins of the platform. He stretched out his right hand to Salian, who was burning with flames. “His Royal Highness Salian, do you want to be my enemy?”

Salian smiled. At the feet of him and Hydra’s secret guards, there are circles of halo like smoke that continue to spread around. The cold, turbid, twisted, and violent aura fills the four directions, and a dark field descends from the sky, covering the half-month platform. , Resisting the infinite power emanating from the Phoenix Divine Clothes.

“No, under the crown of Saint Attila, the Durham Empire has no intention of being an enemy of anyone…you are your own worst enemy.” Salian smiled relaxedly: “The capital is not safe recently, these noble priests. , For the time being summarizing the protection of the empire…I think you will