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ecame more and more satisfied, which means that Ivan did not practice Animagus in a single shot. The decision was made, but I was prepared and consulted a lot of information. After 西安夜网论坛

Ivan finished talking about his understanding, Professor McGonagall continued to add.

“It is very good, but you have missed a few! An Animagus’ transformation is usually limited to ordinary creatures, and turning into magic creatures will bring unpredictable consequences.

Second, this kind of transformation requires a report to the Ministry of Magic after being trained. Since the 20th 西安夜生活第一论坛网 century, there are only seven Animagus registered so far! So Animagus transformation does not have some dangers , But the danger is extremely high!”

Said this, Professor McGonagall glanced at Ivan, hoping that he could understand the danger, and then continued. “Of course, the danger is not constant, the level of your Polymorphism. The higher the value, the lower the risk of corresponding deformation. ”

Ivan 西安耍耍网 didn’t care about the risk of transformation in McGonagall’s mouth. He still has some confidence in the level of transformation art he brings. Moreover, he still has a temporary buff like a learning master experience card, which should not be overturned.

But McGonagall What the professor said to report to the Ministry of Magic made Ivan embarrassed.

Ivan had a bitter face. He didn’t want his Animagus transformation 西安夜生活论坛 to be known to everyone. In that case, this magic The value of the is greatly reduced.

Can I not report?

Ivan quietly asked with his eyes, Professor McGonagall just treated him as if he hadn’t seen it, and ignored him.

Ivan was not discouraged, Professor McGonagall did nothing. That said, to a large extent, it means that he will not interfere, so the registration should all depend 新西安夜网 on his conscious…

As Ivan was thinking about things, Professor McGonagall had already carefully introduced him to the difficulties of Animagus’ cultivation. Ivan quickly arranged his mood and listened carefully to every step.