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ad accumulated, and even owed a lot…

Because Ivan was very considerate to provide installment services, as long as he signed a magic agreement.

Spending tomorrow’s wages to buy today’s combat power is simply a conscience.

When the group of three people walked out of this magic shop, they all felt as if they were hollowed out, but when they glanced at the pile of things they were holding, they suddenly felt a lot more fulfilled.

In the shop, Ivan is happily counting the Jin Jialong in the bag, there are nearly a hundred!

This is only a small part. According to the agreement, the three Aurors will pay another two hundred in the next six 西安桑拿网 months. Jin Jialong!

Ivan predicted that in a short period of time, he would not be able to make a fortune from these three people.

At the same time, the shop has also become a lot empty, and most of the items on the counter have been sold.

After considering that protective ring, Ivan didn’t choose to press it in the shop, but let Dawlish use it first, so that he could help him publicize it when he arrived at the Ministry of Magic.

When Ivan finished counting Jin Jialong, a white arm stretched out and snatched the bag containing Jin Jialong. Then ten Jin Jialongs were picked out and placed on the table.

Ivan:? ? ?

He can only divide one point? Ivan looked at Aysia bitterly…

“This Jin Jialong is not enough for you to spend on studying before!” Aysia said grimly.

Ivan thought 西安夜网论坛 for a while, and it seemed to be the case.Practicing the yew wood used to burn magic texts, the metal used to make magic props, and the countless materials that he scrapped in order to study the magic text arrangement. Jin Jialong purchased.

In this way, the Jin Jialong earned today can only be regarded as a return.

If you want to make money, you have to count on a large order from the Ministry of Magic.

What really makes Ivan feel a little surprised is that the task given by the system has not been shown to be completed.

Isn’t the review of the Ministry of Magic