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to-high sequence of the’audience’ approach, but more like the use of the corresponding extraordinary people in other ways. The magical items disguised as they were in 西安桑拿网 action

. Before the words were finished, Leonard fell silent again, wondering what he thought of.

Klein kept a smile that seemed like nothing, and looked at each other calmly, as if everything was under control, but I Just don’t say it, it all depends on how well you understand it.

This is consistent with some of the words of the old man, is it really done by a certain middle-to-high sequence 西安夜生活网 audience? His seemingly rude and rough layout is actually accurate to the extent that everyone will be considered. Some reactions took into account the human nature of following the process, but did not expect Dawn Dantes’ experience and wisdom? Leonard only felt that he had figured out what happened, straightened his body, and coughed slightly:

Thank you for your guidance.

Klein suddenly laughed and said:

I didn’t say anything.


Leonard responded, he took the initiative to say : Your former colleague asked me to ask you if he found Ince Zangwill How should I tell you about the traces of him?

Leonard, who was about to stand up to leave, just lifted half of his ass and sat back, his expression was slightly complicated, and he was silent for more than ten seconds. He said:

Send the message to Pince in the form of a letter 7 Special Street.

Does this mean that you will not leave Backlund for a long time? Or, even if you go to other places to perform tasks, there are ways to monitor the movement of 7 Pinster Street and remotely check the letter Content? It is more likely to be the latter kind of speculation. An angel who is a thief must have a lot of peculiar mysteries, and there are many that Leonard can use. You can’t ask, and if you ask, it will reduce Dawn. Si’s level, destroying the human setting, Klein put on a look of no waves, smiled and said:

I will tell him.

Leonard did not leave immediately, opened his mouth