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pt for learning to intrigue. What else is there?

Kurz smiled and glanced at his eldest brother Kurt 西安夜网论坛 西安桑拿网 gratefully. No one here is a fool. Everyone knows that at this time, there is nothing better than Gluding Town. At least stay here and never worry about starvation, disease, Warcraft invasion and gray dwarf bandit. Although the gray dwarves have disappeared, they have left indelible scars on the orcs.

Standing up from the chair, the people in the restaurant realized that the fragile orc child in their original impression had now become a thin orc boy with his hands resting on the dining table and his eyes firmly watching All the young werewolves at the table took three deep breaths evenly, and then said: “I like taking risks, and I also like to fight. Originally, before I set off from Yemen town, my idea was only to participate in the coming-of-age ceremony and want to join me. Jijia hunting with two friends on the magic 西安夜生活网 Mountain 西安桑拿网 wilderness antelope, and then personally give myself a sewing magic chamois light armor. I think that wearing such a child Warcraft Leather, the greatest success in the rite. ”

he He looked at me and said: “Before the two of us entered the Beilu Wasteland alone, Ji Jia once asked me secretly. He said: Az, will it be dangerous for us to enter the Beilu Wasteland? Said: It will be a little bit, are you afraid? He shook his head and said to me: I am not afraid, I am just worried that it will become your drag oil bottle. ”

I just wanted to make sure that Kurz and I entered the wasteland. Will it be dangerous? I didn’t think about anything else. And later, Aziz also made it clear that even if there is no magic antelope, there will never be any problems to protect our safety.

Just as I fell into 西安夜生活网 memory, Kurz continued: “Our caravan came out of the road of death in the mountains of the northern foothills. We encountered a group of young gray dwarves in the valley passage at the exit. Robber, Jija and I were almost killed in that battle, but we both survived and got the first