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nvite Hunter Dan on the 5th.”

Nanjing Longfeng held up the wine glass and exclaimed, “Ukraine is a good place. 西安耍耍网 Even if there is any conflict at that time, it is nothing more than digging the hole deeper when burying. ”

Speaking of which, I hope she can bring people to follow.” Elena murmured, then picked up the glass and drank it happily.

There was nothing for a night, and when the morning fog cleared the next day, the big Ivan couple took He Tianlei and five Nenets to dig the command post bunker found by the ground 西安桑拿网 penetrating radar. On the other hand, Nanjing Longfeng and Elena took Deng Shuxiang to the machine gun bunker on the left side of the front of the trench line. As for the other side, it was enough to hand them to Haining couple and Assac.

The three excavation sites started at the same time, but the reporters were not fools. Almost all of them followed the largest number of large Ivan. This was just a relief to Nanjing Longfeng. He was not used to digging under the camera while making up stories.

In the swing of the engineer’s shovel, the cold and wet soil was dug up little by little. As the height of the ground dropped, traces of sandbag walls gradually appeared at the excavation point, and then scorched logs.

But before they had completely cleared the bunker, the radio called Big Ivan, “Yuri, come and have 新西安夜网 a look.”

“What’s the matter?” Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix swung the engineer’s shovel. Pressed the console and asked.

“The command post was dug up” Big Ivan simply explained, and there was no sound anymore.

Looking at each other with Elena, the three of them dropped the engineering shovel in their hands and ran to the excavation site surrounded by reporters behind them.

Passing through the circle of reporters and photographers, you can clearly see the outline of an underground bunker of nearly 20 square meters. When they arrived, several Nenets were carefully clearing the area under the leadership of He Tianlei. Of floating soil and stones.

And beside the ruins of t