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e!!!” The

scream sounded, under the land of death The demons who crawled out almost climbed the boundary line between the brine pond and the sea. They gathered around Luoqiu and gradually approached.

“It’s not Louis. 新西安夜网 What is this?”

“I don’t know what it looks like!”

“It looks like a human being a human?”

“Ahhh! I’m hungry!”

Luo Qiu just watched these monsters approaching, suddenly He whispered softly: “He is the most splendid in the entire underwater city. Looking at him, I will go back like you do. After a while, he will come to you in a more brilliant way.” It’s

just that the hungry monsters rely on it. The human being instinctively acting in front of him is as ordinary as a mussel, nothing more.

“It will die.” Luo Qiu said softly.

The sound was like a raindrop falling into the calm lake water, it was just a circle of shallow ripples, but it kept rippling away.

Never fearful, fearful or even They screamed and wailed at this moment, and then retreated madly. They climbed up and retreated 西安耍耍网 back to the land of death so quickly or even faster.

In the blink of an eye, the silence was restored again.

The moray that once broke away from death and foraging everywhere, now swims out of the cracks in the rock again. It once again intends to dive into the brine to find food, and then becomes poisoned again.

It is still struggling hard, it has already broken free once.

But this time, it was not so lucky. As a result of failing 西安夜网论坛 to break free, its body fell directly into it many times, and luck would only appear once.

Or, it never really appeared.

Reyaz and Krypton Dokin have been here for some time.

They can already be sure that this place was once a huge mine, but it has been abandoned. Faced with the outrageously complicated structure inside the mine, Reyaz has given up his plan to find a way out.

Going too far 西安夜生活网 may also affect the progress of rescuers outside.

As for Helen, she didn’t seem to be willing to stay away from this place. Her sisters just led away the huge sea mo