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to the bottom. What the hell. Gunther threw down the precious fish fossil, stepped on the soft soil, and ran to Abu with one foot deep and one shallow foot. With the absolute advantage of height and size, he easily grabbed the skull in his hand and squinted one eye to look inside. this is mine! Give it back to me soon! Abu bounced under his elbow, but couldn’t 西安桑拿网 feel it. What yours, mine, show the boss first. Gunther curled his lips in disdain. Boss, look at this thing inside, it’s too strange. Gangmanzi reached into the skull with two fingers, pinched his tail and pulled out an animal that was struggling and screaming frantically. There was a sound of air-conditioning around, even Richard was no exception. The thing in Gunther’s hand looked like a vole at first glance, but it was very different on closer inspection. It’s like taking voles as the basis, and adding many extra accessories casually. More than a dozen long and short horns protruded from various parts of its face, and some of them even emerged from the eyelids, making the head look bloated and deformed. A handful of the back is still ordinary gray-black fur, but it is also limited to the back, spreading around and gradually becoming a mixture of hair and scales. What is even more amazing is that there are a few short wings on the back of this thing, but it is obviously impossible to have any function, because even the most basic symmetry is not achieved-only one on the left is on the shoulder, and the right is But two are growing in the back. If you want to describe it, it is 西安全城安排网 like a practice work produced by an unqualified sculpture apprentice. It seems random and clumsy everywhere, and the whole is very uncoordinated. It would be fine if it was really a sculpture, but this thing is not only alive, but also very aggressive. If it hadn’t been for Gunther to hold the tail and hang it in the air, it would have been in vain no matter how hard it struggled, and it would have bitten or ran away. Chapter 206 The Late Twilight Forest. Lord Lord ru