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g the ceramic tea set to the cupboard position, hitting the round-bellied fountain pen, standard contract, and various newspapers scattered on the ground.

Seeing that the detective in the black double-breasted long dress was knocked into a limp body, it was difficult to stand up and roll over for a while, Mersuo’s eyes were fierce, sliding forward in the sound of the successive broken porcelain, his knees pushed out.

Klein 西安夜网论坛 turned his eyes to watch this scene deeply, already holding a standard contract in his hand.

He fled to the living room and continued to roll to the coffee table despite the premonitions, just to get a standard contract, or a newspaper.

Seeing Mersault’s knee fiercely pressing, Klein’s wrist suddenly trembled.

At this moment, a picture reappeared in his mind, a picture of Mersault’s neck leaning back.


Klein pressed his wrist slightly, shaking out the standard contract in his hand.


This contract is like a dart made of stainless steel, and it shoots at Mersault’s throat. At this time, the two are no more than one meter apart, and as the front of each other gets closer and closer, the

white shadow comes into view. Instinctively, Mersault leaned back, trying to avoid.

Puff The

standard contract pierced Mersuo’s throat and his trachea accurately.

With a little frothy blood flowing out, Mersault fell in front of Klein, his knees hitting the ground heavily.

“He, He, He” He took out the blood-stained standard contract and tightly covered his throat.

But he couldn’t stop the blood flowing out of the wound, his eyes gradually dimmed.

At the end, his body twitched a few times 西安夜生活网 and there was no more movement.

Klein slowed down for a while before he had the strength to stand up, holding a few tarot cards between his fingers, guarding against possible counterattacks and other enemies.

After turning on Lingshi and confirming the death of the opponent, Klein looked around and found no other aura colors.

It wasn’t until this time that his tension ea