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or’s secret treasures. Although its credibility is still not high, some people claim that there are priceless treasures hidden in the secret treasures. As an explorer, you should not miss this adventure and find The location of the secret treasure and enter the treasure house.

Reward: Unknown.

Unknown? It’s the

first time Albert saw the mission reward is unknown.

Last night, he lied to Professor McGonagall, saying that the treasure map was thrown in the Forbidden Forest In fact, the treasure map is still in his pocket. Albert is not very interested in the so-called secret treasures of the 西安桑拿网 twins. He stayed here just to see if he can trigger the quest. The

quest is triggered, but…the quest reminder seems a bit tricky Yeah!

Albert took out the so-called treasure map from his pocket, looked up and down this old parchment, and found that it really changed a new thing.

Behind the parchment, there

is an extra sentence: This is a great time The adventure! There is

also 新西安夜网 something similar to a compass. The

pointer points to the secret treasure? It

still looks quite bluff, no wonder Fred and George believe this is the real treasure map.

However, this should be made by a wizard The map that came out, otherwise the prompts given by the mission will not be credible and some people claim it. The

wizard who made the map has probably found the so-called Gryffindor’s secret treasure, and the other party left it. The purpose of downloading the map is purely to show off your deeds and allow future generations to experience their own adventures.

That sentence is a great adventure, and it probably means that.

Of course, there is another possibility.

That is this The maker of this map did not find the so-called Gryffindor’s secret treasure. It left this map, just hoping that someone would help him find the secret treasure, or it was just a prank. The

twins obviously believed it was the former, so they went After taking an adventure, I got lost and plunged into the hunting area of ??the