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403. It was Merlin Hermes,

who had just exploded out of thin air. This wandering magician wore a tall man. The top hat, wearing a black robe, as if nothing happened, said to Eric and his team members:

The root of the problem 西安夜生活论坛 is indeed the astronomical telescope. While

talking, Klein walked to the balcony area, lightly with his right hand I took a picture of the astronomical telescope. With

another bang, the astronomical telescope suddenly shattered into metal spots, filled with some stinking blue and black gas. After the

gray and white fog disappeared, the odor disappeared. The darkening turned, and the interior of the room completely returned to normal.

What is going on? Eric forced himself to forget what happened when the opponent died and asked.

As an experienced red glove captain He had a certain guess about the truth of the whole matter, and the purpose of asking questions was mainly to seek confirmation.

Klein smiled and said:

Simply put, this astronomical telescope did not know why something 西安耍耍网 changed, which caused the owner of the room. Saw things that shouldn’t be seen.

If you want to know more detailed details, you can only do it yourself I don’t know how to collect clues.

Eric nodded slightly and turned his gaze to his team members, signalling them to continue their investigation.

After some busywork, Eric said to Merlin Hermes: What

’s left in the room There are not many clues, we can only determine a few things:

First, John is a local resident and is in the war. After serving in China, his mental condition seems to have a certain problem. Second, he was an astronomy enthusiast very early. After the war, he joined an academic organization called the astronomical seminar, but we have not collected information about this before. Any information from the organization; 3. John seems to be 西安夜生活第一论坛网 looking for a way to see the real starry sky.

When it comes to the word starry sky, Eric pauses a little, and seems to have been warned by the upper echelons of the Dark Night C