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ese two vampires. She moved her gaze away, and her gaze met the gazes of other women, which seemed to have changed.

They didn’t appear to be very dull and hollow, on the contrary, they became terrified and frightened the two vampires who only showed sharp fangs and their 西安夜生活论坛 eyes became slightly sharper.

Trembling and fear, it began to spread over these women like a plague.

They hugged their bodies abruptly, shivered, curled up and shivered more severely, as if they had been trapped in a dry well without the sky for one year, three years and ten years, suddenly saw the opening of the well. The sun-like fear appeared everywhere.

Same as them.


They are actually the same, even if they are exactly the same, and have not suffered these tortures in this milk collection workshop, but they are the same.

Since all the good things were shattered that day, since the first time I left the dreamy and beautiful, after seeing the executed revolutionary army, and occasionally seeing the end of the adults who were not good enough to stay behind The horror of the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 vampire has been deeply imprinted in the whole mind.

Faced with the men who wanted to violate their inspection team, he could utter the most vicious curse.

In the face of David, who is also a human, he can also attack from behind without hesitation.

But when facing a vampire, I didn’t even think about it subconsciously.

I can’t afford the least courage to resist, even if I have such thoughts, I just do things that drift on the 新西安夜网 edge.

On the one hand, I want to get out of this nightmare, but on the other hand I can’t do anything.

You can’t do anything by yourself, right?

Humph! It

was a cold snort from one of the vampires. The vampire’s speed was as fast as ever.

Ann knows that they are so fast in speed, like ghosts. Its five fingers are close together, and the 西安夜生活网 palm of its hand is like spikes, and the pupils that pierced towards him suddenly shrank.

She thought of resisting. She felt that she should be able to resist.