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e hand, and on the other hand, it can better enable the children to learn in labor.”

Unsurprisingly, after hearing Elena mentioned the idea of ??motivating the whole school to plant potatoes, Albus?? Dumbledore reacted quickly, and after making a meaningful look at Elena, he took the initiative Expressed a supportive attitude.

With Dumbledore’s initiative, although the other four deans still didn’t understand too much (potato standard), they all nodded and agreed that maybe you don’t trust an economy too much. A scientist, but you can always believe in Albus?? Dumbledore. The

cooperation is happy, and it really deserves to be 西安耍耍网her and Grindelwald’s best partner.

“Then, let’s start.” The

white hair dumpling squinted happily. I clapped my hands and was about to leave the principal’s office and start preparing dinner. You

know, it’s no longer a day or two for Elena to covet the cuties in Professor Sprout’s greenhouse. Now I have a reasonable excuse. She naturally had to think carefully about how to prepare them.



at this moment , Dumbledore’s unhurried voice suddenly came in her ear.

“About what Miss Caslana said before, Hogwar I think there is something wrong with the suspension of service at Ci Kitchen tonight. Hogwarts has never had such a precedent. We cannot punish too many people for the mistakes of some people. ”

Huh?! Elena raised her eyebrows, I looked at Dumbledore a little strangely, wondering 西安夜生活网 what kind of abacus the old white-bearded carrot was thinking.

“Trust me, you can’t deprive a house-elf of the willingness to work. This is not a problem for them. Good thing. Once I received the news that the kitchen was on holiday at night, I guessed that the hardworking house elves might mistakenly think that Hogwarts would expel them collectively, and fell into great panic. And”

Dumbledore 西安夜生活第一论坛网 thought carefully. After a moment, looking at Elena who was in deep thought, she blinked lively.

“If I remember correctly, there seems to be no reason to cancel the basi