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ed the wine bottle next to him and poured himself a large glass of wine. He even ignored the table manners, and really poured himself a full glass of wine, even almost overflowing from the wine glass.

“This is a number of days.” Official Weilun put down the bottle and looked at Bell deeply.

“Hehe, for you, it is a number of days, but for us, it is just a small 西安桑拿网investment. If this small amount of money can be used to make some people understand our determination, this investment is very worthwhile. ”

Bell also looked at Officer Weilun deeply.

Officer Weilun raised the glass, and then swallowed a large glass of wine in one sip.

He drank a little urgently, so he coughed several times.

After putting down the glass, Wei Lun said in a low voice: “I heard that Junkers 西安夜生活论坛 never do business at a loss. Do you know how much wealth has been stolen in the underground treasure house of Whisper Forest Club?”

Bell looked at it with a smile. Official Weilun: “The wealth of the Al organization, the wealth of the VIPs of 1.9 billion gold marks, four to five billion gold marks and other gold coins and banknotes, are about 100 million gold marks. This is roughly the number of your club’s public funds. Right?”


Official Wei Lun’s heart was angry again. It seemed that someone in the club was not strict enough!

“Our investment will definitely be rewarded, and this reward is also on Qiao Rongweitu.” Bell gently asked Wei Lun officer: “Are you interested in Sino-Ocean Business? This is a coveted fortune. Lu!”

Official Weilun laughed, and he pointed at Bell and shook his head again and again. 新西安夜网

Sure enough, this group of Junkers, they are still unprofitable and can’t afford it. They have to vent their anger, and take the opportunity to make money!

Chapter 289: Joe was planted.

Let everything go back to 158 Qingsong Street.

The time was also adjusted to the early morning of October 30th.

Before dawn, Joe jumped to the door of Mr. Skeins with joy and banged the door forcefully.

Crunching, 西安夜网论坛 Sagans’ pet B