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ake a mess!”

Punches and punches until the steel bars are like nails. Into the ground.


Bastard !” Ye Qingxuan grabbed his hair, raised the rotten face, pointed at the broken holy city in the distance, and roared: “How many people died! For your power! For your lofty ambitions For what you call a new era!

Because of you moths and scum, this world has become a hell where everyone can’t live! Ludovic, see? This is all you owe! But so much People are dead, how do you pay for it!”

Ludovic looked at him blankly, his eyes were hollow, as if he could not understand him at all, his lips closed, he wanted to say something, but he didn’t say anything. .

“It’s ridiculous,

Ludovich .” Ye Qingxuan looked at him, for a long time, and suddenly laughed softly: “For so many years, I have wandered in this world, so much pain, so much torture, and I am afraid every day, even if I close my eyes. There is no peace in the dream. After 西安夜生活网

paying so much, betting on everything you have, what you want to find, defeat, and destroy is something like you?”

Ludovic looked at him blankly.



Ye Qingxuan was furious and punched him in the face, yelling, “Speak, Ludovic! How can I get back what I lost from you!”

“Return my teacher to me!”

Ye Qing Xuan roared, punched and punched his rotten face to pieces: “Return my brother to me! Return my family! Return my mother to me!!!”


The earth was sunken, and steel wailed sharply.

Ludovic was smashed into a wriggle of mud.

But in the mud, all the tiny eyes opened, wandering in the blood, staring at him, making a hoarse laugh: “Hey hey hey pain, this is the taste of pain.”

Strange faces emerged from the pieces of meat. There were thousands of faces, each of which was different. 西安夜生活论坛 They spoke, murmured like sleepwalking, and made overlapping and vague voices: “Vent your anger to your heart’s content, poor worm, even this anger and resentment Your mother who will add help to my return is dead, no matter how much she vents, she won’t be ab