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and said:

“I will make an interview with you about the air pollution situation and solutions in Backlund, but you must contact the editor-in-chief of our newspaper in advance. communicate about to finalize the layout and time. ”

Mary suddenly eyes lit up and said:

.” good, ” ”

thank you so much Mike, how I did not think this a good way. ”

this is to enter the” Kingdom of atmospheric pollution investigation committee “and propaganda campaign Mike, a reporter, is very experienced. Although the Daily Observer is not the best newspaper, but the circulation is quite large. Mary suddenly came here today because the members of the lower house who participated in this club are coming to the private club. This form is really suitable for politics and business. Klein suddenly said goodbye.

Before becoming a “faceless man,” he didn’t want to get involved in such affairs close to 西安夜生活论坛 the top.

In the evening, in an apartment in the Eastern District.

After a busy day, Williams entered the small rented room, planned to change his coat, get some money, go to the pub to have a good meal, and settle the dinner there by the way.

In the gloomy and dim environment, his action of putting on his jacket suddenly stopped.

He saw a dark shadow standing by the window, his face completely hidden by the shadow of the hood.

“Who asked you to look for Lanrwuth” the shadow asked in a deep and slow voice.

Williams quickly put on his jacket, swallowed and said:

“My friend, bounty hunter.”

Bounty hunters refer to adventurers who use various rewards as their main source of income. There are many in the Eastern District and Backlund.

“Why did he suddenly start looking 西安夜生活网 for Lanrwuth? This is a bounty long ago.” The black figure was very tall, and walked in front of Williams step by step.

“I don’t know, maybe she just offered a reward for a try.” Williams stepped back slightly.

The dark shadow asked dumbly:

“Who is she?”

Williamston was struggling, and after a few seconds, he tremblingly replied:

“Hugh, H